Advertising Slogans

Bring on the real thirst-quencher don’t shop for it argos it be the best beecham’s pills make all the difference pure gold the heartbeat of america cooks who know trust crisco a newspaper not a snoozepaper one leg at a time fit dunlop and be satisfied buy it sell it love it imagination at work driving is believing snap crackle pop don’t put a cold in your pocket – use kleenex tissues the reliable airline the curious county.

Does you does or does you don’t take access makes sensible buying simple we’re number two we try harder i’d love a babycham the ultimate driving machine the taste of paradise was there a lion on your egg this morning roses grow on you drink canada dry image is everything just imagine what citroen can do for you vacation is a world where there are no locks on the doors or the mind or the body simples take courage crowdstopper everything we do is driven by you high speed gas good things come to those who wait say it with flowers the next big thing don’t dream it drive it often a bridesmaid – but never a bride coffee at its best putting ‘t’ back into britain.

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