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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram followers

Whether you have your personal account or a business account a big number of Instagram likes & followers will help you look more professional and build trust for new visitors on your profile. With a big number of followers, you can do sponsored posts and receive money. Some influencers earn as much as $18,000 per post. That’s why Instagram is a preferred platform for many influencers.

Instagram makes changes in its algorithm and some updates have made the process of reaching people and growing followers a little harder to do. That’s why some brands are not patient enough and use dirty tactics to fast-track the process – like buying Instagram likes.

Instagram likes

How You Can Buy Instagram likes

You can buy Instagram likes with two popular and unrecommended methods:

  • Create multiple fake accounts and have them like your pages’ content
  • You can subscribe to a service that provides access to Instagram bots that will follow or like photos on related accounts.

The first method is a bit more time consuming, also it’s easy to see through. When many fake account followers with no photos or interactions of their own are a huge red flag and a sign o suspicious activity.

Instagram likes

Here’s Why you Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Likes or Followers

Fake followers don’t engage in your posts

Fake followers will not give you any genuine engagement. Many of these accounts aren’t real people at all, but fake bot accounts. You may get any short comment like “great post”. This is especially important for influencers, as people who want to collaborate with them will check their engagement.

Buying Instagram Makes your Engagement look bad

It’s not hard to tell that someone is buying followers when you see an account with 2 million followers and just 2,000 likes. The average engagement rate depending on the number of followers are:

  • Less than 1,000 followers – 8% engagement rate
  • 1000-10,000 followers – 4% engagement rate
  • 10,-000-100,000 followers – 2.4% engagement rate
  • Over 1 million – 1.7% engagement rate.

By comparing these numbers you can easily see who buys followers.

Instagram likes

You Might get Inappropriate Bot Comments

If you buy engagement for your Instagram you’ll probably get some comments written in a different language to your own. Also, you’ll get may generic comments that may be inappropriate for some posts. For example, you share bad news for your company, and the bot comments “nice one”.

You’ll get Spam messages

By buying spam followers, you’re opening your account to many spam posts. These will not just be on your Instagram but also on the email that you probably gave.
These spammers also have access to your followers so they can deliver your spam.

If Recognized Instagram may Purge Fake Followers

Instagram wants its members to have an enjoyable user experience, so it puts a lot of effort into eradicating false accounts. Instagram will make regular purges searching for fake accounts. So these followers may disappear soon after you buy them.


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