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How to Start Making Money on Instagram

On 2020 Instagram has been making some progress in the e-commerce space. As one of the fastest-growing platforms, Instagram has evolved from a simple photo-sharing app to a powerful marketing tool. Businesses of all sizes are using Instagram as a marketing tool to reach their target audience. In this article, we have listed some ways you can start making money on Instagram.

According to some Instagram Business statistics, 60% of users use this platform to discover new products. Also, 80% of users follow at least one brand. Like on Google and Facebook, Instagram is a platform that potential customers use every day. Here we mention some ways you can start to use your Instagram to make some cash.
There are Three famous ways to make money on Instagram.

  • Post content sponsored by brands: Influencer Marketing
  • Do Affiliate marketing: Sell other people’s products
  • Sell your own products
Money on Instagram

Use Instagram Shopping Posts

In 2016 Instagram launched a product “tagging” feature. You can tag products and link them to your website, where users can make the purchase.
Instagram shopping consists of several features wrapped up on a single package. Tag products in posts or in stories, and if you get more engagement more people will reach your posts on the explore page.

Make money on Instagram - Shop

Affiliate Marketing

According to some statistics, Influencer marketing is on its rise. 92% of the users’ trust word-of-mouth recommendations. 76% of people say that they’re more likely to trust content shared by people they follow than brands.

You can start making money today by growing an Instagram following and engagement rate. If you own an Instagram with a big number of followers, brands will pay you to share their product and get more sales.
The base requirement for influencer marketing is a decent-to-impress follower count and a competitive engagement rate. This strategy is for you if you have people that follow and trust you.

Money on instagram

Sell your own products

Rather than using your personal brand to sell products of other companies, you can start selling your own. This can be a book, shoes or it can be your time and advice as a consultant. If you have a business selling a product or service, you must start using Instagram to increase your sales.
Post your products with professional pictures. Also, you can use Influencer marketing too to increase your followers and sales.

Provide Social Media Marketing Services

More and more brands are using Instagram every day, so the competition is growing. That’s why brands need professional assistance if they want to stand out from other brands. Social media marketing services are in great demand from many brands and if you learn this skill you can help many businesses.


By growing the followers of your Instagram, you’ll get many opportunities to make money. With a good engagement rate, you can help many businesses increase their sales.
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