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Instagram ads or Facebook ads? Which is Better For Your Business

So you want to promote your product or service online, but you don’t know where to drop your budget, Facebook, or Instagram? These two platforms have their overlapping users, but the demographics and other specifics are different.

Facebook and Instagram have their various advantages if you run your ad on either platform or on both. But, the same ad running on both platforms will not have the same results. Because Facebook owns Instagram, you’ll find some similarities and a lot of benefits on both platforms.

Comparing these platforms’ ads is difficult. Facebook and Instagram are two different platforms with different user experiences. Facebook feed has a lot of ads, link posts, photos, live videos, videos, etc. Whereas on the Instagram feed you’ll see just photos and videos mixed with some ads. Here is a comparison of these platforms.

Facebook or Instagram

The management of ads

You can manage Facebook or Instagram ads on Facebook ads manager. This makes it easier for marketers to manage and select multiple audiences and placements. You’ll find all results and you can make any change for both ads in one place.

On Facebook, the campaign manager has many options for ads objectives, ad sets, and ads. You have many combinations that you can test and many ways to preview your ads.

Facebook or Instagram

On Instagram, the ads manager is a simple option. In just a few steps you can set up your ad with an existing post or story. If you don’t want to analyze big amounts of data and just have the big picture interface, Instagram is the best ads platform for you.

Facebook or Instagram

Audience Differences

An important factor that you should consider when choosing an ad platform is the existing demographics and audiences. What are the demographics? A network’s demographic is in reference to its overall user base over billions of accounts.

If you want to get new followers or leads, you have to check the demographics of the platform and make sure that your target audience is there.

Facebook has the widest audience and many other brands will find some of their audience on Facebook.
Instagram on the other hand has a younger audience.

Facebook or Instagram

After you determine your audience your target demographics you should use insights that these platforms offer to see if your demographics are there. For Facebook, you can use the Facebook insights tab and for Instagram, you can use insights on the Instagram app.

What Content are you sharing

Instagram and Facebook have many differences on the content types that are shared on each platform. On Facebook, you can advertise with different types of content like:

  • Carousel: scrollable images or videos
  • Single media: one image, video, or slideshow of images.
  • Existing post: links that you might have shared

On Instagram, you have these options too, but you can’t share any clickable link in the caption. Instead, you can use the call-to-action buttons to add a link.

What industry you’re in

Another important factor to take into consideration is the industry you’re in. For example, industries that have more visual elements like food, fashion, etc, are stronger on Instagram. But if you have an account on both platforms, check your analytics and see where you’re getting better results.


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