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How to Use Instagram Hashtags Properly

Instagram hashtags are an effective way to increase your reach from people who don’t follow you and maybe interested in your content. Posts with hashtags get way more engagement than those posts without any hashtag. For example, a post with one Instagram hashtag gets 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag.
So as you can see it’s important to review and create a hashtag strategy. Many people ask questions like:

  • How many hashtags should you use on Instagram?
  • Should you use Instagram in the caption or comments?
  • Which are the most popular Instagram hashtags?
  • The best Instagram hashtags for more engagement?
  • Which are some banned Instagram hashtags? etc.
Instagram hashtags

So let’s give an answer to these questions.

How many Instagram hashtags you should use

Instagram lets you use up to 30 hashtags. It may be tempting to use 30 hashtags on each post, but it’s not good to go overboard on hashtags. When using Instagram # you should be picky and you’ll get more engagement. Researches have found that the optimal number of hashtags is 11# per post.
Spen some time researching the hashtags related to your niche and use 11 of them for each post.

Instagram hashtags

Should you post Instagram # in comments or caption

You can add Instagram # in the caption of your post or put them in the first comment when you post.
Hashtags on caption or comments have the same function, so you choose where you want to put them. However, we suggest that you put them in your comments as the caption looks better.
The post caption is shortened to 2 lines, so users won’t see hashtags at first impression, but if they click “More” they will see the full caption.

Instagram Hashtags

Do some Instagram Hashtags Research

When you use hashtags on your Instagram posts you should be picky, and not just add the # in front of words you think of. Instagram hashtags will be more effective if you do some research and choose them carefully. How to research hashtags?

Use online tools: Many online tools help you find hashtags based on your niches, like Ingrammer and Sistrix, and more.

Check your competitors: Search for your competitors and check their postings. You can get many ideas from the hashtags that they use.

Create your Instagram hashtag

A good thing about Instagram # is that you can use any hashtag that has been used. Also, you can create your own Instagram branded hashtag. Creating your own hashtag will help users to easily find posts related to you personally or to your business.

Instagram Hashtags


You probably are using hashtags on your posts or you might be skipping them for now. However, these tips will be helpful for you to get more engagement.
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