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Which is the right marketing platform for your business

When you’re starting with digital marketing for your business it can be hard for you to choose the right platform to advertise for your product or service. You might be confused by many advises that you get for marketing platforms, someone says that newer platforms are better, some
older. With a lot of options, it can seem overwhelming to determine which marketing platform is the best for your business.
What you need to analyze is: What product or service you’re selling:
Who is your targeted audience? And how much budget do you have?
It is essential for you to know why a platform is better for your business and why you want to use that marketing platform.

Marketing platform

Do you want to generate leads with a marketing platform

If you have a B2B company and want to generate more leads, Linkedin is a platform that is developing fast and where you can find more business owners. Also, a good marketing platform choice would be Facebook and Twitter too and these have a lower cost per click than Google ads.

Do you want more Brand Awareness

If you want to get more brand awareness you should seek marketing platforms that have a large following. So you should avoid any new platform or niche platforms. By targeting the right people on these platforms you will get great results. An example of a large number of following is Facebook which is still the best marketing platform.

brand awareness marketing platform

What platforms is your target audience using

When you define your goals for marketing another step in choosing the right marketing platform is defining your targeted audience. This is very important because you can waste time and/or money on a platform where your targeted audience is not focused. For example, it would be
wrong for you to open a Tik Tok page if your targeted audience is 40 years or older men or women.  You should look at marketing platforms statistics, for example, online women are more likely to use Instagram or 41%! Or Linkedin users earn a salary of over $75,000! So you should always back up your decision with demographic data than being led by current trends.

Analyze which marketing platforms are your competitors using

This can be very helpful in choosing the right marketing platform for your business. Analyze which marketing platforms are your main competitors using and how it is working for them.
What content are they sharing? How active they are? Are they getting much engagement on their posts?
Checking these statistics will provide you with enough insights to see if that is the right platform for you.

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